The Development of Excellence Professionals

Category of Competence and Seniority Learning & Development Programs Pioneering and Transforming through Excellence Leading the Practice and Impact through Excellence Supporting the Implementation Of Excellence Specialist in the Field of Excellence Developing advanced LeveIs Of Knowledge and Know How Leader in EXCELLENCE Leadership of Excellence Program FOUR 4 Developing Critical Skills as an Excellence Professional Professional in EXCELLENCE Certified Excellence Professional Program THREE 3 Developing Skills as a Lead Assessor in Excellence Practitioner in EXCELLENCE Lead Assessor Program TWO 2 Learning Theory and Knowledge related to Excellence Specialist in EXCELLENCE Professional Diploma In Excellence ONE 1 Expert KNOWLEDGE EXCELLENCE And Original Thinking Expert level of Knowledge And It effective application With total confidence for Consistent and Predictable outcomes Advanced KNOWLEDGE in EXCELLENCE Advanced APPLIED SKILLS And extensive application Intermediate KNOWLEDGE in EXCELLENCE Intermediate APPLIED SKILLS And some application BASIC KNOWLEDGE In EXCELLENCE BASIC KNOWLEDGE In EXCELLENCE BASIC KNOWLEDGE In EXCELLENCE No APPLIED SKILLS 1 0 2 3 4 NONE BASIC INTER ADVANCED EXPERT Mastery in KNOW HOW Mastery in KNOW WHAT Time for Learning Time for Learning

Brief Introduction by Prof. Zairi