Able Club

Advancement of Businesses through Learning Excellence


Excellence Tetralogy has and will continue to be the idea partner for building capabilities, stimulating pioneering thinking, developing suitable practical solutions to problems, injecting best practice applications, supporting change programs, developing Human Capital and shadowing the path to excellence through performance impact. This is our value proposition and a formula which has brought success to hundreds of organizations all over the World. We are proud of the contributions we have made and more importantly the close relationships we have established and maintained.

The Able Club Model

The 6As Model is our approach to continue providing supporting to our clients in order
to help them with their quest for progress and advancement.



As the Mission and Vision have been defined already, the awareness stage will put this together as a complete package in order to initiate the visioning process. The quality culture will be part of the awareness campaign, which will involve a structured series of seminars at both high executive level and at management and worker levels. The awareness initiative will be heavily supported by a communications package, which will help to identify the organisation culture of quality.


The ECBPM/ABLE will put in place a strong development structure, which will enable organisations to identify, certified and competent people to drive the quality initiatives.


This would involve mapping all processes and activities, developing KPI’s, benchmarking, optimising current procedures and processes and establishing the gaps between where we are now and where we should be. This is an intensive stage of the process whereby we will develop a tailor-made methodology to refine and integrate all areas of the business to fall in line with the total quality initiatives. Some areas may be fine-tuned whilst others developed.


This may take a number of forms and will use a variety of tools and techniques, such as Balanced Scorecard, Strategic Planning, Gap Analysis and Benchmarking for Best Practice and of course, the EFQM Excellence Model.


To ensure that the right design leads to the right result; re-evaluation of our work may take the format of self-assessment or the use of the Ladder of Excellence. Each appraisal will check the progress and degree of maturity of the initiatives and efforts in place.


It has been customary at ECBPM (and consequently, ABLE) to work closely with clients, associates and stakeholders to ensure that our knowledge and doctrine gets embedded in the culture of organisations we support. As such, the various audits and assessments will ensure that we have a continuous action plan that will ensure that organisations are achieving the goals such as cost reduction, reinforcement of brand, speed and quality of processes and information, empowerment for all concerned, strong quality culture, working synergies, quality decision-making, enhancement of competitive advantage, excellence in customer service etc.


Realization of the key strategic objections thus ensuring that the momentum of excellence continues and ensuring that sustainability is not compromised.

Able Club Excellence Impact

Logo Company Industry/Sector Area of Focus Impact
Asean Bintulu Fertilizers (ABF) in Malaysia Chemicals Benchmarking Best Practice Thinking
Adco (UAE) Oil Benchmarking and Quality Management Best Practice Thinking
American Express Banking Capacity Management Capability Optimisation
Arla Foods (UK) Dairy Supply Chain Management Customer Focus
Aramco Oil Excellence Award Operational Excellence
Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) Oil Benchmarking Best Practice Thinking
Bass Taverns Beverages Total Quality Management Quality Culture
Bird Eye Wall FMCG Innovation Management Faster NPD Cycle
British Gas Utilities Measurement & Benchmarking Best Practice Culture
Caradon Plc Engineering Performance measurement Competence in Balance Scorecard
Department of Tourism and Commerce Management (UAE) Government Total Quality Management and Service Excellence Quality Culture
Dubai Holding Investments Benchmarking for best Practice Best Practice Thinking
Elida Gibbs Ltd FMCG TQM and Innovation Customer Centric Practices
EMAAR ( Dubai) Construction Balanced Scorecard Performance Competence
Exxon Chemical Oil Performance Measurement Competence In Balance Scorecard
Federal Government of UAE Government Change Management Reengineering Government
Foster Wheeler Oil TQM Culture Assessment Quality Culture
GKN Engineering Benchmarking Best Practice Thinking
Government of Abu Dhabi Government Excellence in Government Quality in Public Services
Government of Dubai Government Service Improvement Quality in Public Services
Government of Malaysia (AKEPT) Government Academic Leadership and Quality Excellence in Higher Education
Greggs of Yorkshire (UK) Food & Beverages Total Quality Management Quality Culture
Health & Safety Executive Government Best Practice in Risk Management Quality in Occupational Health and Safety
HIDADA in Saudi Arabia Engineering Leadership though Quality Excellence Quality Culture
Huddersfield NHS Trust Hospitality Internal Marketing Customer Focus
IBM IT New Product Development Systematic NPD
ICI Paints Chemicals Best Practice R&D Management Quality Thinking in R&D
ICL Computers Benchmarking Best Practice Thinking
Institute of Public Sector Management (Malaysia) Government Quality & ISO 9000 Quality in Government
Kodak Printing Performance Measurement Integrated Performance Measurement
Logo Company Industry/Sector Area of Focus Impact
Lever Brothers FMCG New Product Development Faster NPD Cycle
Malaysian Airlines Airlines Benchmarking & Business Process Engineering Quality Improvement
Malaysian Institute Of Nuclear Technology (MINT) R&D Policy & Strategy Quality Orientation
MARA (Malaysia) Government Balanced Scorecard Performance Competence
Ministry of Education Government Quality and ISO 9000 Quality in Government
Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MIT) in Malaysia Government TQM Quality Culture in Government
National Westminster Bank Banking Performance Measurement Competency in Measurement
NHS - Management Executive Healthcare Quality in Healthcare Quality Culture
Pearl International Hotel Hospitality Strategic Planning Quality Focus
Philips Electronics New Product Development Systematic Innovation Process
Productivity Standards Board (Singapore) Government Benchmarking and Total Quality Management Best Practice Thinking
Qatar General Petroleum Company Oil Business Excellence Competency and Awareness
Quest International FMCG Project Management in R&D Quality in Project Management
Rank Xerox Rank Xerox Quality Policy Deployment Robustness in Strategic Deployment
Rover Group Automobiles New Product Deployment Faster NPD cycle
Royal Armoires International Museum TQM & Benchmarking Customer Quality Service
SABIC in Saudi Arabia Petrochemicals TQM Quality Culture
Sapura Electronics in Malaysia Electronics Strategic Planning & Quality Management Strategic Quality Impact
Saudi Airlines Airlines Customer Services Service Improvement
SCECO in Saudi Arabia Utilities Values inculcation Quality Culture
Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals R&D Management Quality Thinking in R&D
Logo Company Area of Focus
Van Den Bergh Foods FMCG Innovation Management Faster NPD cycle
Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed Al Subeaei (AIMS) Vision and Business Model
Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC) Excellence Strategy
ARAMCO Operational Excellence Program – President Excellence Award
Al Ajlan Group Branding and Marketing Strategy
Al Ajlan Group Branding and Marketing Strategy
Family Development Foundation (UAE) Development of Her.Highness. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak’s International Award for Arab Youth
Islamic Development Bank Leadership Excellence Program