The LoF Mentorship Program

The LoF Program is a fertilizing process specifically targeting individuals who are at the verge of completing their university education and are preparing for their work assignment. It is to induce them into thinking about leadership positions but more importantly it is a self managed process for gauging the level of readiness there is for them to contemplate assuming a leadership role at some stage in their professional career.

The LoF Mentorship Program is a preparatory stage and offers the opportunity to the mentees concerned to establish a basic foundation for their future roles.


Growing Leaders of the Future.


To prepare potential leaders through the Aspire and Inspire Initiatives for a journey of masterful displays of exemplar achievements and rich legacies.

Key Objectives

The LoF Mentorship Program has the following Key Objectives:

  • To highlight the importance of leadership to young people aspiring to become leaders in the future;
  • To provide young people with leadership ambitions the opportunity for self assessment, evaluations and mentorship guidance/feedback on their potential and how this can be harnessed;
  • To support the initial development of young potential leaders so as to enable them establish a solid foundation for their journey into the future of work and accomplishments
  • To establish a network of young leaders of the future for knowledge transfer and experience enrichment

LoF Program – Development Process

The LoF Process for the mentorship and development of young individuals aspiring to become leaders of thefuture is based on 4 stages (4Es).

E1. Exposure

Through carefully crafted knowledge products young mentees are expected to learn about distinctive aspects of effective leadership from the point of view of readiness.

E4. Eminence

The acquisition of an acceptable standard of understanding, appreciation, readiness level for the leadership foundation outcomes.

E2. Evaluation

Mentees will be asked to evaluate themselves against specific criteria and in relation to the various distinctive dimensions that are considered to be important for their preparation.

E3. Enhancement

Reflections and improvements in specific aspects are carried out with mentorship and guidance offered by the LoF Mentorship and guidance team of experts.

Stages of LoF Mentorship Program

1. Aspects related to SELF

To help mentees consider their inner readiness aspects. This is carried out through the ASPIRE Program:

2. Aspects related to OTHERS

To help mentees consider their ability to influence others. This is carried out through the INSPIRE Program: